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The focus of this issue is on spiritual growth in our ability to forgive and to accept forgiveness .  Several readers share their experiences.  Click the thumbnail to the left to read the current issue.  To be added as a subscriber, please enter your email address in the form above.

The intention of the E-Newsletter is to provide a resource for the spiritual life and a place for people to share their personal experience, which serves as a spring board for others. We invite your comments, suggestions, and personal reflections. Use the following links to start a thread on our Community Forums, or to send us an email. In addition, we have additional articles on our website for your spiritual nourishment.

In our next e-newsletter, we would like to devote articles to forgiveness, and we would like to include some of your reflections. How has forgiveness played a role in your spiritual growth? We would ask you to keep it short, personal, and practical so your thoughts can be spring board from which others might begin their own reflection. Send us an email with Forgiveness in the subject line.

We look forward to reading your reflections!

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