Elements of Secular Franciscan Life

Secular Franciscans:

  • live in the world
  • draw strength from the Gospel of Jesus
  • share in the spirit of the entire Franciscan family
  • seek to give flesh to the Gospel vision
  • serve others through social justice and ministries of charity and peacemaking
  • commit themselves to a way of life spelled out in the SFO Rule
  • develop a prayerful spirit
  • attend to the demands of their inner spirit as did Francis and Clare - a spirit of reliance on  the power of the Holy Spirit
  • recognize the need for daily conversion
  • walk through life with a Franciscan community; i.e., Fraternity
  • are people of hope and joy - God is with us
  • know it is impossible to fall out of God's love; i.e., our brokenness and sin can keep us from growing but we cannot stop God from loving us
  • have a good sense of humor; i.e., life is not so serious that we lose our sense of joy.
  • see work as partnership with God's creative power, active in our world

This is list is not exhaustive, but it gives flavor of our Franciscan way of life.


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