Orientation Questions

 How would you describe your understanding of the purpose of Orientation?

What role do Francis and Clare play in the continuing growth and development of the SFO?

Which of the elements of the Franciscan life would you consider the most important for yourself?

What does daily conversion mean to you? What areas of your life need such conversion?

Why is the Bible important for Franciscans? How do the Gospels invoke change in your life?

What events in Francis' life correspond to events in your own life?

What is the meaning of the TAU cross?

Why is the San Damiano crucifix precious to Franciscans?

Consider the prayer Francis prayed before the crucifix. How has praying this prayer changed your life?

Why did the Franciscan Order face so many reforms in its lifetime?

What is the role of the SFO Rule? What is the role of the SFO Constitutions?

Which articles of the Rule will be easy for you to adapt to your lifestyles? Which will be difficult?

How would you describe Franciscan theology? How does it differ from your previous way of viewing the Incarnation and God's love?

What are some of the implications of Franciscan theology on your daily life? What changes has it made in your way of being Christian?

Share three incidents from your life that you would see differently if you looked at them from the viewpoint of Franciscan theology.

What specific promise(s) did God make to us, through Jesus, that will enable us to be hopeful people?

What is your present image of God? Describe it in detail with its consequences for daily life.

What changes would you like to make in your image of God? What would be the consequences of such changes?

Which Franciscan values are already part of your lifestyle?

How might you adjust your life to live a simpler lifestyle?

Share some instances when you have been a peacemaker?

Which Franciscan values must you still strive to achieve?

Consider Eph 1:3-20:

- How do these words support our focus on Jesus as the foundation of our faith?

- How do these words to the Ephesians energize your ability to bring hope to our troubled world?

Consider Matt 5:38-48:

- What is there about this Gospel text that resembles the Rule of the SFO?

- Does Francis' way of life fit this text? How?

- How might you put a limit on your goodness?

After reading one of the recommended books on the life of Francis or Clare, what insights have you gained?

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