Spiritual Direction

This goal can be achieved through the sharing of significant occurrences in our lives; such as, discerning a life choice, sharing a dream, discovering other ways to pray, or sharing what is “weighty upon one’s heart” and causing disquiet in one’s life.
Some of the gifts of spiritual direction are:
  • Appreciating God’s experience in one’s life
  • Integrating spirituality in daily life
  • Celebrating joys and accomplishments in one’s spiritual journey
  • Growing in a deeper relationship with God, oneself and others
According to Fr. James Martin, SJ:  “ Spiritual direction is a tradition that goes back to the desert fathers and mothers, spiritual directors do not make decisions for you; rather they invite you to see where God is active in your life, encourage you to notice where you are overlooking God’s gentle voice, and help you to reflect on your prayer.  The best directors do so with total freedom, allowing God to do God’s own work.  They are trained in techniques for listening and for seeing how God is at work.” 
For those who are new to spiritual direction we suggest that you schedule a few sessions and then see if this would be profitable to you and enrich your spiritual life. 
(Quote from Fr. James Martin, SJ taken from Give Us This Day and used with permission)

More information about Spiritual Direction offered through IL Ritiro will be posted soon.  In the meantime, please contact us if you are interested in receiving Spiritual Direction.


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