Step 10 Questions

What are some ways you can step back from your compulsiveness and attachments in order to truly begin to be conscious?

How does detachment help you to separate yourself from your feelings, thoughts, and compulsive patterns of perception?

What is your plan to allow time for reflection each day?

What new behaviors would you like to try to make your program more effective? How would you go about implementing these?

What kind of behaviors and attitudes do you need to be most vigilant against to keep from your addictive behaviors?

What are your triggers for addictive behavior? How can you guard against them or prepare for them?

What are some amends or remedies that you should make when you find out that you are wrong?

How does your Higher Power act in your life as a Divine Guide and Teacher?

When is a time that evil won out in your life? What changed to lead you to good?

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