Step 12 Questions

When have you taught someone something and ended up learning more than you taught?

When have you been unsettled and grouchy? What caused these feelings? How does a connection with your Higher Power and others in the program of recovery make a difference at such times?

How is addiction a “happy fault”?

Have you been able to reach out to another recovering addict? If so, describe the situation and how it feels to you.

What kind of approach would you like to have had when you first started the program? How can you implement that type of approach in your life to others now?

What you say if someone asked how the 12 Step program has worked for you?

How do you usually handle conflict? Do you know of any way to be more effective in conflict resolution? If so, how would you become more effective? What would be the steps?

How much time do you want to and are able to allow for working with others on their program? How will you go about setting that time aside?

What outside resources can you call on when you need help as a sponsor?

How do you know if you are suited to helping another person work a 12 Step program?

What do you think about more than anything else? Could you be putting this before your relationship with your Higher Power?

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