Step 2 Questions

What is your concept of a Higher Power at this time?

What would it take to allow your concept of your Higher Power to change?

Have past experiences affected your concept of a Higher Power? If so, how?

What do you hope to gain from accepting the concept of a Power greater than yourself?

Do you sense spiritual guidance in your life? How?

How do you describe the Higher Power you found in recovery?

What does "Let Go and Let God" mean to you?

What does faith mean to you?

With whom and in what circumstances are you comfortable discussing your spiritual experiences?

What might your gain from believing you could be supported and loved by a Power greater than yourself?

What does "came to believe" mean to you?

What does sanity mean to you?

How has the addiction affected you sanity? Your life?

Have I allowed the addiction to become your Higher Power? How?

How has your thinking become distorted trying to handle the addiction?

How have you turned to a Power greater than yourself in times of great need? Did you call another person in recovery? Your sponsor? Did you read recovery literature? Did you go to a meeting? If not, why not?

In working this step, can you describe a Step Two experience to your Sponsor or group? In a written sharing?

When have you done the same things over and over, yet expecting different results?

In what area of your life do you most strongly resist opening up to new ways of being?

How can you begin to be still and just be in the presence of your Higher Power?

Share a time when your heart was broken. How has this led you to greater compassion?

When was the last time you touched someone or that someone touched you? What stops you from doing this?

What are the activities that bring you hope and help you believe things are okay? Going to meetings? Talking to others in the fellowship? Reading recovery literature? Name those who have helped you to believe the most in your future.

How have your ideas changed about what it means to be restored to sanity? Have your expectations about recovery changed? What do you expect from recovery now that is different from what you expected when you first began recovering?

What is a reasonable plan of self-care for you to help you continue to believe that recovery can, and will, work for you?

What has been done for others in recovery that you would like to have happen for yourself? Do you believe this is possible?

What are the areas in your life that you would like to have restored? 

What do you understand about the phrase, "You are God's solution for someone or something on earth"?

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