Step 5 Questions

What have you learned about your limitations and capabilities?

What personal failure do you find most difficult to acknowledge and share with another?

What can you admit to someone else that will set you free?

Share an experience when someone loved you in spite of what you felt you deserved.

Describe any person who has helped you to see yourself more clearly and objectively in your process of recovery and of life.

Are you in the habit of sharing yourself - who you are - with other people? When was the last time you called someone because you needed to talk about something? Do you normally talk to people about what you are going through while you are going through it, or do you wait until you've solved the incident yourself, then report it after the fact?

Describe your feelings and expectations about sharing your fifth step with your sponsor.

List people that you can think of that you might share your story with. Describe why you think that they are a safe, risky or a bad choice to work your 5th step with.

Describe what it was like in sharing the fifth step. How did you feel before, after and during the process? Are you glad that you have done this?

What impact have you seen to your life and how you feel about yourself as a result of completing this step?

The next time a big feeling strikes - hurt, fear, anger, joy, blessedness, pleasure - call another person and talk about what you are feeling while you are feeling it.

How can you begin to stop replaying hurtful memories? 

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