Step 7 Questions

What is the value in your life?

How is your life giving meaning to others? Are you helping?

Are you part of the solution or part of the problem? How does it show?

How is your Higher Power part of your life? How does it show?

What value do you give to spirituality? How does it show?

What defects will be most difficult to give up? In what order to you plan to give them up?

How have you already seen yourself changed? How much of this did you actually have to do? How much were you empowered to do?

How are you continuing to hold on to old habits? How have you embraced new spiritual values? Do you consistently respond out of love? Give examples. How do you still react out of fear?  

What kind of situations, stressors or pressures cause you to regress back into your defects of character? What can you do to lessen the likelihood of that stress occurring?

What are your fears about becoming changed?

Do you regularly ask for help in order to act through fear?

Where do you feel most supported and helped in your strivings for recovery?

What makes you lose hope? Can you avoid such situations? If so, then how?

What (person, situation, event, thought) restores your hope? Is there a way to maximize those influences? If so, then how?

How are prayer and grace linked? How do you describe grace?

How have your prayers changed since beginning recovery? Do you talk to God about what bothers you and what you would like to see changed about you? What do you now ask for in prayer? Awareness of character defects? Methods of ridding yourself of those defects? Gratitude for the progress that has been made and gifts that have been given? Opportunities to be of greater service? Ask God to help you change those things in yourself and your life.

What does it mean to you to be radically dependent?

Are you willing to let go of results and instead surrender to the process?

What will it take for you to see everything as a gift and be grateful with your life?

What would you like to recapture in your life?

Describe in detail what you think that your life will be like with your defects of character removed from you.

What are you grateful for?

When do you think that life has been especially good for you? When did you have the greatest joy?

What would you do if you were granted three wishes?

What do you think that you can do to leave the world a better place and accomplish your mission in life?

Visualize yourself as you would like to become. See yourself doing and being all that you would like to do and be. Surrender that vision to God and affirm self-acceptance and self-love for yourself in the present moment.

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